How to ship your monkey :

We want everyone to come pick up their monkey from Monkey King so they may see where their monkey was raised, but we understand that this is not possible for everyone. For these customers, we offer air delivery to most states.

Our go-to air carriers are American Airlines, WestJet, and Delta. Each of our monkeys is delivered in a medium-sized travel crate suitable for the initial 6 months of crate training. Before leaving, every monkey on an airplane will have a microchip. We have never had any issues with these company transporting our monkeys, and they take excellent care of them while in transit. While American and Delta are our preferred shipping airlines, WE will also use United and Alaska Airlines if necessary. United Airlines or Alaska Airlines will charge a premium to ship with them. Location and season can affect the cost of everything.

All monkeys are shipped out when they are five weeks old. You will be notified of the exact time your monkey will arrive at your nearest airport, and you may choose to pick it up there or have it delivered to your home. If someone other than yourself will be picking up your monkey upon delivery, please let us know ahead of time so that we can acquire the proper names for the paperwork.


Is it safe to ship a monkey?


is a question frequently asked. When compared to driving, flying is just as safe, and may even be less stressful than, the drive. Many individuals believe animals are drugged, confined, and subjected to inhumane conditions such as being left in overheated airplanes for long periods of time. If this were the case, we’d never send our monkeys anywhere! We have never had an issue other than infrequent flight delays in our nearly seven years of exporting monkeys across the United States and Canada. The two most reliable companies for transporting pets are United Pet Safe and Alaska Airlines. There will be no stacking of suitcases on top of your monkey. Pets can travel in designated areas of airplanes away from the moving parts and heavy bags. Like the cabin, it has climate control and pressurization. No drugs are ever used on monkeys. They receive food, drink, a blanket, and a brand new, airline-approved plastic crate with enough of ventilation and plenty of room for them to stand up and turn around. The monkeys are removed off the plane and kept in a climate-controlled holding area until it is time for them to board their next flight, if there is a layover. In case of a delay, a supply of food has been attached to the crate’s side. It takes a lot of preparation and time to ship a puppy. A shipping health certificate may only be obtained by taking the monkey to the vet right before departure. We have successfully transported our monkeys across USA,  Canada, UK and Australia.

Send us a message or an email if you have any questions, or if you’d like to set up delivery of your new monkey right to your doorstep. How It Operates We will personally bring your monkey to your doorstep from the terminal of any major airport for a fixed price. After you’ve paid for your new monkey, We’ll help you plan your trip and book all of your accommodations. When we’ve settled on a time, date, and flight, we’ll send you an email with all of the relevant details. Your monkey will be delivered to the terminal of the nearest major airport or directly to your front door. Your monkey will be under the constant watchful eye of a shipping agent who will see to its every need throughout the flight. You are more than welcome to come and get your monkey and to meet the rest of the family.

All of our monkeys have been nurtured in a homelike setting, and their kind personalities will shine through. Please take note that the delivery company is now running a campaign in which the first two monkeys purchased from us are shipped at no cost (monkey nanny services included).

Monkey king is one of the best places to get a pet monkey either for sale or by adoption as we are available worldwide

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