At 4 weeks of age, the seller’s veterinarian checks the health of each monkey. Before the seller will release the Monkey for shipment, the buyer must pay the seller the full purchase price, plus any shipping costs incurred.

Within 72 hours of obtaining the Monkey, the new owner is obligated, at the new owner’s expense, to have the Monkey inspected by a licensed veterinarian for the protection of the new owner and the seller. Within 7 days of receiving your Monkey, you are required to conduct an examination and provide the results to the seller by email or regular mail. If the 72-hour health check reveals that this Monkey has a condition that cannot be addressed with medicine, the customer will be offered a substitute Monkey, a partial refund, or a full refund. The vendor is responsible for deciding this. Buyer must return the Monkey alive at their expense and within 72 hours of the exam to seller for a replacement, full refund of purchase. A signed statement detailing the issue from the veterinarian is required from the buyer. Paperwork provided for registration at the time of sale must be returned. A second veterinary examination of the returned Monkey may be required before a replacement or refund is issued at Seller’s discretion. The new owner is responsible for and must pay for any and all veterinary care.


Once the Monkey leaves Capuchin Pet Monkeys, the Seller has no responsibility for any health issues brought on by stress or unavoidable environmental changes. Due of the highly contagious nature of parvo and distemper virus, the Seller assumes no liability for the spread of these diseases after one month. There is no assurance that the buyer will not contract hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, a virus or bacteria (including Monkey flu), or a parasite.

Your Monkey will leave with documentation of his or her initial vaccinations, deworming, and veterinary examination, in addition to the registration paperwork.

We guarantee that when you take your Monkey home, it will be in perfect health. Once the Monkey leaves our care, however, we cannot ensure its continued good health.

For the first two years of their lives, we guarantee the genetic health of our monkeys. Having a life expectancy of less than 5 years, where the disease would progress to the point where euthanasia would be necessary, or requiring extensive medical care that would ultimately be beyond the cost of the Monkey, is considered to be in poor genetic health. Within the first two years of your Monkey’s life, if a congenital defect is discovered, we will either replace your Monkey with a Monkey from a comparable litter or issue a full refund, whichever you prefer.

Please get your Monkey spayed or neutered as directed by your veterinarian if you intend for it to be a pet. There is no assurance that a pair of breeding monkeys will produce offspring.