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The macaques constitute a genus of gregarious Old World monkeys of the subfamily Cercopithecinae. Macaques are found in a variety of habitats throughout the Asian continent and are highly adaptable.


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Alice , Marta , Hugues … Etc Macaque monkey For Sale –  Macaque Monkey is the most northern-living non-human primate. Individuals have brown-grey fur, a red face, hands and bottom and a short tail. There are two subspecies of the Japanese Macaque Monkey, Macaca fuscata fuscata and Yakushima Macaque, Macaca fuscata yakui.

Macaques live in troops of varying size. The males dominate the troop and live within a clear but shifting dominance rank order. The ranking of females is longer-lasting and depends on their genealogical position. Macaque Monkey For Sale are somewhat more arboreal than baboons but are equally at home on the ground; they are also able to swim.

Macaques in general are the monkeys most widely used in biomedical research. In the 1950s crab-eating macaques were used extensively in studies that led to the development of the polio vaccine.  Click Here to Buy Capuchin Monkey


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The ecological and geographic ranges of the macaque are the widest of any non-human primate. Their habitats include the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, India, arid mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and temperate mountains in Japan, northern China, Morocco, and Nepal. Some species also inhabit villages and towns in cities in Asia


Food & Their Group


Macaque is a gregarious monkey, forming mixed groups of several females and males. Troops consist of 10 to 30 individuals with its hierarchy determined by the lead female.

Macaque Monkey For Sale are mainly vegetarian, although some species have been observed feeding on insects. In natural habitats, they have been observed to consume certain parts of over one hundred species of plants. Including the buds, fruit, young leaves, bark, roots, and flowers. When macaques live amongst people, they raid agricultural crops such as wheat, rice, or sugarcane. Garden crops like tomatoes, bananas, melons, mangoes, or papayas.  This includes peanuts, rice, legumes, or even prepared food.


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