Our goal is to produce healthy quality Capuchin monkeys for people to enjoy for a long time in their lives. We do not believe that your monkeys that you have had in your home is replaceable, but I do feel that sometimes the loss of a four legged family friend can be lessened with the addition of a new one. In the unfortunate event that your monkey would need to be put down within the first two years of its life due to genetics, or if it is found to have congenital or hereditary disorders that adversely affect the health of your puppy I will replace your monkey with your pick of a monkey from any of my females/male combinations. The cause of death or condition will have to be certified and recorded by a licensed veterinarian. In the event that the monkey has not died and there is an issue you may be asked to submit x-rays or have the condition verified with a second opinion.

In the event that the condition or death is due to genetics and occurs after the monkey turns 2 years old I will give you credit for 50% of your purchase price towards the purchase costs of a new monkey from any of my female/ male combinations. The cause of death or condition will have to be certified by a licensed veterinarian and you may be asked to have a second opinion or to submit x-rays taken to diagnose the condition.

We cannot guarantee that your monkey will never become ill or need more than routine veterinary care, and this guarantee does not cover the reimbursement of any veterinary bills associated with this monkey.

What I need from you:

Nothing would make me happier than knowing that I have been a part of bringing a happy healthy monkey to your family. To help ensure this I will have a veterinarian examine your monkey not more than one week prior to the date you take possession of your monkey, and I ask that you have your veterinarian do an examination of your monkey not more than 5 days after receiving your monkey.  Your monkey will come with all age appropriate vaccinations and deworming’s, but it may still need more to be fully vaccinated. We will send a copy of all vaccines and deworming’s your monkey has received with your monkey along with when the next set of vaccinations and deworming’s is recommended. After that you and your veterinarian should establish what vaccines and care your monkey should receive.

Exceptions to the Guarantee:

We cannot guarantee the disposition or temperament, conformation, size, weight, color, or breeding ability of your new monkey.  We cannot replace your monkey for hip or elbow dyspepsia if your monkey is overweight and/or if you cannot produce a history of joint supplement vitamins, and maintained a proper diet of premium foods. All food changes must be approved for your health guarantee to withstand by the breeder.  In the event that your monkey is diagnosed with hip or elbow dyspepsia the breeder will require x-rays and a second opinion from a Vet of the breeders choice.  I cannot replace your monkey if routine medical care has not been maintained for your monkey. This includes all vaccines, deworming, heart worm prevention, and flea and tick prevention. You are required to have your monkey seen annually by your veterinarian and maintain all vaccines and preventative care as recommended by your veterinarian.  This guarantee does not include any costs associated with spaying and neutering this monkey including that of U UN-descended testicles.  Failure to receive adequate and regular veterinary care will void this guarantee.

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